For me this is an end of the world scenario

See, I don't get to see you often.

See, I won't see you in a long time, or ever again.

See, even if we see each other again you'll be a different woman and I'll be a different man.

See, therefore this is the very last time we meet as we were when we first met, with what remains of this love.

See, then every moment is so valuable to ruin it being sad.

See, it's like a dream where you can't touch or alter in any way the course of things but still a dream worth dreaming just because you're in it.

See, this dream almost feels real except I know how it ends no matter how hard I try to change it.

See, in this dream I know exactly when I will wake up.

See, at least I know it will not be suddenly interrupted by a noise or the morning sunlight.

See, yet I'm aware that waking up is necessary, for you're not here nor I am.

But see, this is the best dream I've had in my life, and I'm dreaming it until I wake up, where the world ends and a new one is born in which the memories of this last three years of dreaming will fade and cause from time to time an inexplicable smile on my face and make me say I just had the most beautiful dream, I wish I remembered the details, anyway what were you saying?