Mechanical keyboard review

you have too many things

what are you doing with your life

how many things do you own

i don't know where anything is on this keyboard

this keyboard is kinda funny because i have to think about where the keys are

it also makes far too much noise and i'm going to get a headache typing on it

it feels nice but this is way too noisy

tak boleh tahan

apa ini

sibei siao

chao chee bai

kan nee nah

this is also equally annoying

perhaps even more distracting than anything else

bad for my eyes

bad for my heart

i'm going to go blind before i finish writing anything else

oh god this is sick

inverse keyboard

it goes dark when you type

what about this. this is random

it's just full of weird light and it's super distracting

fading lights

disco time

its the time to disco

um tz um tz um tz


this is super horrible

oh god save me from my misery

why is abraham killing me

holy shit i am getting a headache from seeing this in my peripheral vision

if you have eṕilepsy this is the worst keyboard

but now i have to type for the stupid recording

abraham is always recording some thing or the other

and most of the time it ends with me saying ESTAS GRABANDO

who uses these settings

my eggs are falling down

i feel like if i were coding music like a dj using autotune this is what it would look like

cray cray


holy shit i give up on this keyboard

i must find a way to stop these lights

when abraham is sleeping i shall come and ruin his new keyboard

but oh no he is reading over my shoulder and now knows my plan

hello abraham

stop reading everythign that i'm writing

i can't get used to the aprostophe being up in the sky

super annoying

everything about this keyboard is annoying


it's just spazzing now

not nice

chido lido

menos disco

mas less epilepsy

oh god

we have reached the end of times

we must go now

before we are absorbed into the universe

and send as fodder for the baying hounds!

let there be blooooooooood

are you creeped out yet abraham

i am watching youi